- modern techno-design;
- "HEPASilent" filter with patented technology combining the highest efficiency of the electrostatic and mechanical filters, delivering cleaner air at faster rates, less noise and low power consumption ;
- works at very low noise levels with the ability to sleep beside her;
- a front panel mounted on the upper front of the device for easier use by pregnant women and adults with minimal adjustment;
- wireless Wi-Fi wireless remote control for even greater convenience in today's dynamic lifestyle;
- real time air-to-air air-to-air monitoring in graphical form. Displays air temperature, air humidity, particles 2.5, CO2 levels;
- innovative fan technology with over 3,000 hours of trouble-free operation;
- highly effective removal of pollen, dust and allergens from domestic animals;
- eliminates cigarette smoke, unpleasant odors, decomposes harmful gases such as formaldehydes, ammonia, petrol and other organic substances;
- kills bacteria, viruses and molds;
- generates a large amount of negative oxygen ions, refreshing the air to the quality of mountain air;
- designed to work 24 hours without interruption;

Technical characteristics
Type Electic item
Material Metal
Energy consum. 15-90 W
Speed 3 (204 - 595 m3/h)
Functions Purifies from air dust, bacteria, viruses, pet allergens, mold spores and other particles depending on the filter with which the device is equipped, ionization, timer up to 8hours, indication of filter change.
Filtering volue 0.1 microns, 99,97 %
Filtering system TRUE HEPA filter, ionisation
Colour White/Grey
Voltage 220 - 240 V/50Hz
Display Segmented, smartphone application
Weight 15
Battery No
Noise level (db) 32 - 52
Remote control Through a smartphone
Others Certified for areas up to 40m2; without ozone
Dimensions 590х500х275
Option particle filter Purifies pollen powder, bacteria, viruses, pet allergens, mold spores and other particles of air we breathe.
Option Smokestop filter Purifies dust pollen, bacteria, viruses, pet allergens, mold spores and other particles, SmokeStop removes gaseous pollutants such as cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, ethylene oxide, ozone and VOCs, including household paints and other chemicals from the air we breathe.

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Blueair CLASSIC 480i WIFI

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